Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle club (from from Crouch End, London) and their new album that was released a few weeks ago, "So Long, See You Tomorrow" has totally blown me away. Some would say that they have more of an experimental sound, and I agree in some aspects, but I think they really really nailed it here. There is really a lot of feeling behind it all. For 2014, this is my favorite album so far. It's an album that gets progressively better as you listen to it, so don't give up if you don't love it immediately!

There isn't a track I don't like, so listen to them all! But here's a few to start with: Home By Now, Luna, Feel.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Great Lake Swimmers

The Great Lake Swimmers is a Canadian band originally from Ontario. I spent the last two years in Canada, so it's been fun to listen to some "Great" talent from Canada! I'm loving the poetic lyrics, and easy sound that The Great Lake Swimmers have brought to my music collection.

They just released their fifth album in 10 years! They have a very instrumental, very melodic sound that is easy to appreciate. It's just beautiful music. They have already proven themselves as an incredibly talented group, winning several awards, and building a strong fan base world wide, so if you haven't heard them yet take a listen!

Definitely listen to "Everything Is Moving So Fast", "Pulling on a Line", and from the new album "New Wild Everywhere".

Great Lake Swimmers on iTunes

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The xx Coexist

The xx album "Coexist" was an obvious hit for all of their already faithful fans from their debut album The xx. They are back at it with dreamy riffs and spell catching tones. This is one of my favorite albums I've listened to recently. Chained and Angels are a must hear.

Seth is back! And Local Native's Hummingbird

I'm back and there is sooooooooo much good music to catch up on. In the mean time I just want to post a few albums that I am really raving about right now.

I know I did write about Local Natives on here a couple years ago. This is their new album called Hummingbird. It's another one of those albums that I cannot get enough of. I love every song. Definitely listen to Heavy Feet and Bowery. I couldn't pick favorites, so these are just two random songs.

More music coming soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap is an Australian band that released their debut album "Conditions" in 2009. They have a more classic sound, but still have their own flair on everything. The lead vocalist has a very distinct soulful voice. They only have their single album that they have released so far. They just started growing in popularity in the United States recently. They are growing rapidly and they have been featured in lots of movies, tv shows, etc...

Their most popular song is "Sweet Disposition", and a lot of times it sounds familiar to people because it has been on various movie trailers. Some others to listen to: "Fader", "Love Lost", "Resurrection".

The Temper Trap on iTunes.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Isaac Russell

Isaac Russell is a brand new artist out of Utah who was recently signed by Columbia Records. So far he has only released a single EP from August 2010. He is from my hometown, Orem Utah, so I've seen him  grow into his music career and he is really exceptional. He sings very meaningful and lyrically rich stories along with his impressive guitar skills. He has gained some fame touring with some big names such as Pete Yorn, and Adele. I really just can't wait until we get a full album released from Isaac. I'm expecting big things from this debut album he's currently working on with Columbia.

He only has five songs on his EP, and they are all really great. But definitely listen to "Elizabeth", "Golden", and "Made Me A Man".

Isaac Russell on iTunes

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Passion Pit

Passion Pit is a pretty new band out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are all talented musicians; they all attending the Berklee College of Music (with the exception of the lead singer). They have a very unique sound, very unique high pitch vocals, and they are very heavy with the electronic sounds. It's all really upbeat feel good music. They only have one full album released in 2009 called "Manners" along with an EP released in 2008 called "Chunk of Change". A lot of people don't like Passion Pit on first listen, some do, but they are pretty unique. I didn't fall in love with them when I first listened, but soon after I really did.

Their most popular song on iTunes is "Sleepyhead", which is a great song. I also really like "Seaweed Song", "Folds in Your Hands", and "Moth's Wings".

Passion Pit on iTunes

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Andrew Belle

Andrew Belle is from Nashville, Tennessee. His music is really melodic, he has really exceptional vocals. He has a really laid back sound. His instrumentals and rhythms really meld exceptionally well into his strong melodic and soothing vocals. He has one EP and one album released so far. His debut album "The Ladder" in 2010 got into the top ten in the Singer/Songwriter category on iTunes. He has received some recent exposure on TV shows and movies, but just needs more exposure for people to realize how great he is. He is still a really new artist, but in my opinion one of the most talented up and coming artists in this specific genre.

He's definitely another artist where I like every one of his songs. His most popular on iTunes is Static Waves (feat. Katie Herzig). A few of my favorites are "My Oldest Friend", "The Ladder", and "All Those Pretty Lights".

Andrew Belle on iTunes

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club is a newer band coming out of Northern Ireland. They only have one album released so far, titled Tourist History, a very impressive debut album released April of 2010. The whole album is full of happy feel good music, just great every day listening type of stuff. They use quite a bit of electronica in their music, which is definitely a trend in newer music.

 I really like all every track on their album! The most popular and probably my favorite track is "What You Know". I also really like "Come Back Home", "This Is The Life" and "Something Good Can Work".

Two Door Cinema Club on iTunes.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The xx

The xx is a young trio band from London, England. They have a very unique calm smooth spacey sound. There's really not other music a lot like this, The xx almost created a new sound. When they released their debut album "xx" in 2009, it received many awards and praises from critics, including the Barclaycard Mercury Award. They are currently working on their second album to be released in 2012.

Their most popular track is "Islands". Some of my favorites are the "Intro" track to the album, "Heart Skipped A Beat" and "Crystalised".

The xx on iTunes.

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is brand new band (as of 2010) who found its roots in Provo Utah, now from Las Vegas. Music critics have said that they have what it takes to be the next big thing to come out of Vegas (Such as bands like Panic! At the Disco, and The Killers). They have been compared to The Killers, but they definitely have a unique sound. The band’s lead singer Dan Reynolds has an unforgettably powerful stage presence that always really gets to the audience. Their shows are known as being explosive and powerful. Which I completely agree with, seeing them live myself.

They released 2 EPs in 2010 and just released a full album in 2011. From their EPs I really like “Hear Me” and “Curse” From their album “Tokyo” is really worth listening to. I’ve also lately really loved “Amsterdam”.

And Imagine Dragons on iTunes.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bon Iver

Bon Iver's name is a play on a French word, actually pronounced bone eee-vare. Lead singer Justin Vernon (pictured) and his band are doing great stuff in the music industry. Bon Iver only has one full album out right now as well as one EP. He just released his new single "Calgary" for his upcoming album "Bon Iver, Bon Iver" which is set to be released June 21, 2011. Justin Vernon is known for his almost haunting falsetto voice. He also effectively uses a lot of harmony. It's definitely worth giving Bon Iver a listen, and definitely makes it easy to identify a Bon Iver track when you hear it. His most popular song is "Skinny Love" which is the first song I heard of Bon Iver and I really liked it and got into more. Some of my favorites are "Re: Stacks", "Blindsided", and "Flume". Every song is fantastic though, definitely listen to more if you like it.

Bon Iver on iTunes

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons is a really low key more mellow artist. He has a really interesting background. He grew up with both his parents being blind. He actually started writing music after getting his masters degree in counseling and working in mental health therapy. A unique background, but you can see influences of it in his music. He writes especially beautiful easy going songs, they really have a feel and mood that he tries to get across as you listen. His 2008 album "The Sparrow and the Crow" impressively reached #1 on the iTunes folk charts. He has four full albums released so far along with a more experimental EP titled "Derivatives". He often incorporates electronic beats and sounds into his songs, especially more in his recent work. He actually has a brand new album "The Gold and The Shadow" released March of 2011, which is amazing and definitely lived up to the hype.

His most popular and well known song is "Passion Play" due to it being featured on Grey's Anatomy. Some of my favorites are "The Tide Pulls from the Moon" and "Beautiful Girl" from his most recent album. And as far as his older stuff "You Still Hurt Me" and "So This is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)". Along with so so many others. Five sampler songs won't do him justice.

Check out www.wiliamfitzsimmons.com
And a link to his iTunes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cary Brothers

Contrary to popular belief Cary Brothers is just one guy. That's what he titled his blog, because so many people think that he is two brothers. It's pretty funny. But now you know. For a little bit of background, Cary Brothers is actually a long time best friend to Joshua Radin. He actually helped influence Joshua to pursue his music career. Cary himself has especially smooth vocals which he incorporates with meaningful lyrics and incredible instrumentation. He is a really talented musician. I really really like him. He has gained a lot of fame from TV shows and movies using his tracks. He has two full albums and two EPs released so far. His widely most well known song is titled "Blue Eyes". Some of my favorites are "Ride" (strange music video warning), "The Glass Parade" and "If You Were Here".

www.carybrothers.com (He actually has a free song download on his site right now!)
Cary Brothers on iTunes!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Benton Paul

Benton Paul is a local Utah artist that is growing a lot! I've seen him live and he is really great. He released his first album "Grey" March of 2008. Since then he has released a 3 song EP called "Trois". I really like them both! His song "Run" was actually an iTunes free discovery download not too long ago! His most popular song on iTunes is "I Only See You" which I really like. Some of my favorites are "The Devil", "Jen's Song", and "Paris". It was really tough to pick favorites! I really like artists that can write an entire album of great songs like Benton does.

Check his iTunes!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Local Natives

Local Natives are one of my more recent discoveries of awesome music. They are definitely on the more indie side of Genre Wood. They released their first and only album "Gorilla Manor" in February 2010. They have some really sweet harmonies, and often a unique feel in the beat. Their most popular song on iTunes is "Airplanes" followed closely by "Wide Eyes". I really like both of these songs. Some of my favorites are "Sun Hands" and "Who Knows Who Cares". Really though the whole album is so great. I need more music from them, I feel deprived with only one album released so far.

They actually have a sweet live music video for "Who Knows Who Cares" that is worth checking out!
Check them on iTunes!
And www.thelocalnatives.com

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Laura Jansen

Laura Jansen just came out with her first album as of March 2011! She has toured with William Fitzsimmons, and I actually saw her when she was on tour with Joshua Radin. She was really good live! I was really anticipating the release of her new album and it doesn't disappoint! It's titled "Bells". A lot of mediocre albums have tracks that too similar to each other, this album does a great job at keeping a really varied feeling between tracks. Her most popular original song on iTunes is "Single Girls" which is one of my favorites. I also really like "The End", and "Wicked World". I really do like every track on the album though. It is a great album definitely worth checking out.

Check her on iTunes.
And her website www.laurajansen.com

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I discovered Kalai as a local artist in Utah. He's half Hawaiian, and he actually has a birth defect in his left hand but it doesn't stop him from writing some awesome music. Kalai released his first album in 2004 and he has a total of five full albums today! There are tracks on every album that I like. His most popular song is called "On My Mind". Some of my favorites are "Divide Me" and "The Onlyest Thing". I really enjoy most of the music Kalai has written. He has a really respectable different type of sound. We can definitely hear bluesy influences in his music, and I really like that.

Check out Kalai on iTunes.
And his website www.kalai.cc

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rosi Golan

Rosi Golan is really outstanding female singer/songwriter. She features the more well known William Fitzsimmons in a track on her album called "Hazy" which is an amazingly beautiful song, and actually her most popular song on iTunes right now. I really love her voice. She only has one full album released November of 2008 called "The Drifter and the Gypsy". It's the type of album where every track has something special. I love every track on the album, but some of my favorites are "Think of Me", "The Drifter and the Gypsy", and "Shine". For sure listen to those and see if you want more Rosi!

I like to give everyone the pronunciation so everyone can sound like music pros, it's pronounced Rosi go-lawn

Check out her website www.rosigolan.com
And her iTunes link!

Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen got a lot of his fame from touring with John Mayer recently. He a really great musician with a really distinct and unique voice. His voice will definitely be the first thing you notice when you listen to him. Brett's most famous song is "Ain't No Reason" which was one of my favorites for a long time. He just released a new album "Loverboy" as of April 2011 which I am really impressed with! He wanted to make an album that people could get up and dance to, which he does while still keeping it within his same style of music that we love him for. From the old albums one of my favorites is "She's Mine". And I'll link a couple from the new album as well that I really like, "Sydney (I'll Come Running)" and "Comeback Kid (That's My Dog)".

Give Brett Dennen a listen! Hope you like him!
Check him out on iTunes here!
And also check out www.brettdennen.net

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin was one of my first discoveries on the road to Genre Wood. His most popular song is "I'd Rather Be With You", which you can listen to first to see if Joshua Radin is going to be an instant success in your music library. Some more of my favorite songs are "Brand New Day", "Sky", "The Fear You Won't Fall", and one from his newest album "We Are Only Getting Better". He has three albums out right now, and there is not a song I don't love on all three albums, they are all phenomenal! It was actually really tough for me to pick some favorites to share for this post, because all of his music is so great. I highly recommend all of Joshua Radin's music. (For educational purposes, the correct way to pronounce his name is ray-din). 

I cannot say enough good about Joshua Radin. He is quite the musician, and he is also GREAT live! So if you like his music and have a chance to see him live, that's not an opportunity I would pass up!

Here's an iTunes link to Joshua Radin. And for sure check out www.joshuaradin.com! I hope you like him!