Sunday, July 17, 2011

Passion Pit

Passion Pit is a pretty new band out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are all talented musicians; they all attending the Berklee College of Music (with the exception of the lead singer). They have a very unique sound, very unique high pitch vocals, and they are very heavy with the electronic sounds. It's all really upbeat feel good music. They only have one full album released in 2009 called "Manners" along with an EP released in 2008 called "Chunk of Change". A lot of people don't like Passion Pit on first listen, some do, but they are pretty unique. I didn't fall in love with them when I first listened, but soon after I really did.

Their most popular song on iTunes is "Sleepyhead", which is a great song. I also really like "Seaweed Song", "Folds in Your Hands", and "Moth's Wings".

Passion Pit on iTunes

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