Wednesday, June 8, 2011

William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons is a really low key more mellow artist. He has a really interesting background. He grew up with both his parents being blind. He actually started writing music after getting his masters degree in counseling and working in mental health therapy. A unique background, but you can see influences of it in his music. He writes especially beautiful easy going songs, they really have a feel and mood that he tries to get across as you listen. His 2008 album "The Sparrow and the Crow" impressively reached #1 on the iTunes folk charts. He has four full albums released so far along with a more experimental EP titled "Derivatives". He often incorporates electronic beats and sounds into his songs, especially more in his recent work. He actually has a brand new album "The Gold and The Shadow" released March of 2011, which is amazing and definitely lived up to the hype.

His most popular and well known song is "Passion Play" due to it being featured on Grey's Anatomy. Some of my favorites are "The Tide Pulls from the Moon" and "Beautiful Girl" from his most recent album. And as far as his older stuff "You Still Hurt Me" and "So This is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)". Along with so so many others. Five sampler songs won't do him justice.

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