Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cary Brothers

Contrary to popular belief Cary Brothers is just one guy. That's what he titled his blog, because so many people think that he is two brothers. It's pretty funny. But now you know. For a little bit of background, Cary Brothers is actually a long time best friend to Joshua Radin. He actually helped influence Joshua to pursue his music career. Cary himself has especially smooth vocals which he incorporates with meaningful lyrics and incredible instrumentation. He is a really talented musician. I really really like him. He has gained a lot of fame from TV shows and movies using his tracks. He has two full albums and two EPs released so far. His widely most well known song is titled "Blue Eyes". Some of my favorites are "Ride" (strange music video warning), "The Glass Parade" and "If You Were Here". (He actually has a free song download on his site right now!)
Cary Brothers on iTunes!

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