Thursday, May 5, 2011

Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin was one of my first discoveries on the road to Genre Wood. His most popular song is "I'd Rather Be With You", which you can listen to first to see if Joshua Radin is going to be an instant success in your music library. Some more of my favorite songs are "Brand New Day", "Sky", "The Fear You Won't Fall", and one from his newest album "We Are Only Getting Better". He has three albums out right now, and there is not a song I don't love on all three albums, they are all phenomenal! It was actually really tough for me to pick some favorites to share for this post, because all of his music is so great. I highly recommend all of Joshua Radin's music. (For educational purposes, the correct way to pronounce his name is ray-din). 

I cannot say enough good about Joshua Radin. He is quite the musician, and he is also GREAT live! So if you like his music and have a chance to see him live, that's not an opportunity I would pass up!

Here's an iTunes link to Joshua Radin. And for sure check out! I hope you like him!

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